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'AVAYAVA’ or 'अवयव' as a word in Sanskrit, defines a constituent part of the body, a time-span or a duration; all of which are essential elements to dance and the performing arts. Without time and space there would be no scope for movement.

Dance is the main focus of this project; but through experiments and discourse we aim to explore the contemporary.




In this age of state-of-the-art technology, people are as connected as can be; yet, they have never been so alone. Using expertise in human sciences, by observing people, their emotions and their habits, we aim to place, on stage, real human beings and real life stories. We present human beings who are not afraid to be vulnerable, who love to express, share, who have strengths as well as weaknesses; and have real struggles. Dance has been and will always be a marker of time.

AVAYAVA – Contemporary Dance Festival, Pune presents a lot of these gems through their conscious effort of being in touch with the inner self, believing in quality over quantity and pushing the limits of physicality, creativity and artistry.

The exciting line-up of performing artists from around the world; each dedicated to a particular and upcoming trend of dance adds a fresh new insight into dance education and performance. It furthers the dance exploration opportunities already present in India by giving the dancers a first hand experience of the art of dance making, presenting to them the ideas and experiences that inspire dance artists today. The festival also hosts breathtaking performances by world-renowned International choreographers who present cutting edge and socially relevant works. The festival also aims to promote emerging choreographers by giving them a platform to showcase their work. We also organise site-specific performances, intensive workshops, master classes,seminars, dance on film screenings and installations/exhibitions around the city.

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Starting 2015, AVAYAVA will introduce a unique concept (littleAVAYAVA) or 'छोटा अवयव' which will introduce workshops and master classes in Contemporary Dance Styles by Internationally renowned faculty.



We will also be starting 'Conversations with Artists' that will promote dialogue between the teacher/performer and the student/audience. Press conferences will be organised so that the media can interact with the International artists as well. 

Annually, the festival is organised around the  Easter break. 

Click on the following link to apply for all the information on how to apply  for the 4th Edition of AVAYAVA in 2015:


In 2014, the festival was organised from 10 April-13 April. International Workshops were organised in various genres that included Modern Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Cunningham Technique, Release Work, Hi-Tec Tools, Contact & Improvisation.

Artist line-up for 2014 included: 
Christophe Degelin & Puur Dance Company - Belgium; Atalya Baumer - Israel; Tomas Danielis - Austria;Yoriko Maeno - Japan/Germany; Sangeeta Sharma - India; Avantika Bahl Goyal - India and Swapnil Dagliya - India.

 Dance on Film:
Pas, Rooms, Since you Went, Eclipse, Cinetica, Grass, Treeo, Me - Story of a Performance. American Overture from various countries around the world. 

Performances included: 
Wonkot - Avantika Bahl Goyal; On the Red Lawn - Tomas Danielis; Deha Praneya - Sangeeta Sharma & Subhashish Dey; Money Game by Yoriko Maeno; Memory by PUUR Dance & Rayn by Space Studio. 


Artist Lineup included:

Esteban Olives - Paris, France (Contemporary Jazz Technique); Michel Casanovas - France/India (Feldenkrais Method); Diniz Sanchez - Spain/Portugal (Contemporary Dance Theatre); Irene & Johan - Italy/Sweden (Contact Improvisation Workshop/Jam) 

Dance on Film:
Beyond Grace - Sara Baur-Harding ( India Premiere) ;The Rain - Pontus Lidberg; White Caps - Champloo Dance Company; Power of Dance - Shukla Das; Valtari - Chrstian Larson, Choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui; Dance Like Your Old Man - Chunky Move; In Dreams I Run Wild - Ramaa Mosley; Advance - Mitchell Rose; Falling - Adriano Cirulli; Not Only Lonely Bodies - Eva Versus;  Patient Spider - Peter Sparling; Instrument - Ruben Van Leer; Numb Ceremony - Nija Miori; Lajka - Johan Planefeldt

Rise - Being Motion; Shakuntala - Space Studio


Artist Lineup included:
Esteban Olives - Paris, France (Contemporary Jazz Technique);Michel Casanovas - France/India (Feldenkrais Method). 

Dance on Film:
Rajashree Ramamurthy(India) -- An incomplete autobiography;Wes Veldink( United States of America) -- 'Untitled' shot in Tropea,Italy; Diniz Sanchez( Spain) -- Dodecalogue

Wind - Michel Casanovas; Beej (Contemporary- Kathak Performance); Soledad - SPACE; Le Naissance Des Sens - SPACE