AVAYAVA is an exciting contemporary dance festival organised by Swapnil Dagliya and SPACE (Swapnil's Performing Arts & Contemporary Ensemble) in Pune, India. The festival hosts artists from India and abroad in a variety of dance styles that can be deemed Contemporary - changing with the times. 

At the centre of the festival is its strong training component; with Intensive workshops and master classes in various disciplines of Contemporary Dance - aimed at both, a specialised and a more broad audience. It is also one of the few curatorial festivals in the field of dance in India that showcases International video-dance, documentaries and hosts performances by artists from around the world. Through the festival we aim to present the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially engaging works to audiences in Pune and the cities around.  

Other activities as a part of the festival include the insightful conference ‘Conversations with Artists’ and presentation of dance related installations/exhibitions. Since 2015, we also organise a creative movement program LittleAVAYAVA for the young children in the age group 5-11 years.